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We provide evidence-based advice on lifestyle factors to help improve your fertility. Lifestyle factors are modifiable habits and ways of life that are under your control and can greatly influence your overall health. Much of our health can be influenced by the lifestyle choices we make. We aim to improve your awareness about the effects on fertility of nutrition, caffeine, alcohol, smoking, exercise, stress, etc.

The iThrive Clinic is based on the premise that the absence of disease does not equate to vitality. Although for ease of understanding we subdivide our bodies into various systems e.g the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, the reproductive system, in reality there is no division and each system is influenced by every system. Our aim therefore is to improve your overall vitality.

We focus on keystone habits, the low hanging fruit. These are habits that have the power to cause a chain reaction, and can start a process that over time changes everything. Evidence shows that over time small consistent changes can have a significant cumulative effect on our overall well-being. We believe in and apply the power of 1% gains.

And finally we don’t pretend to have ‘The Secret’, we just deal with real world information, hard evidence, and the facts.

Over one or two 30-45 minute sessions we cover;
Physical Factors – Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep
Mental Factors – Mood, Relaxation, Positivity and Support Networks

For each factor we show you the evidence, and include simple actionable steps to get you started. Call us on 091-764185 to make an appointment, for further details, or alternatively contact us below.

Evidence Based Lifestyle Advice To Improve your Chances

  • Increase your Awareness of the effects of Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep & Relaxation.
  • Focus on Keystone Habits & take Simple, actionable steps to get you started.
  • Learn how small consistent changes can have a significant effect on your overall wellbeing.

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