Pregnyl Injections

A box of Pregnyl contains

  • 1x vial of powder for injection and
  • 1x vial of solvent (liquid) for injection


You will also be dispensed;

  • Green needles - used to draw up the liquid so it can be added to the vial containing the powder.
  • Yellow needles – smaller needles used for the subcutaneous injection of the final prepared solution.
  • 2ml syringes
  • Vial caps (to help you open the vials)
  • Injection swabs.

How to use Pregnyl

Ovulation Induction: Typically during ovulation induction one injection of 5000IU to 15,000IU of Pregnyl is injected.

  1. Before opening the liquid vial, shake all the solvent from the head of the vial into the bottom so as not to lose any solvent on opening.
  2. Place a vial cap on top of the liquid vial and a vial cap on the powder vial, and snap to open.
  3. Attach a green needle to the 2ml syringe and draw up the liquid.
  4. Inject the liquid into the powder vial.
  5. After mixing, draw up the prepared solution with the syringe and green needle.
    (for 5000IU dose continue to 6, for higher doses see below)
  6. Expel excess air and bubbles, by tapping the barrel of the syringe.
  7. Remove the green needle and replace with a yellow needle.
  8. Prepare the injection site with an injection swab.
  9. Insert the needle at a 90 degree angle into relaxed thigh for subcutaneous administration.
  10. Inject slowly over 10 to 20 seconds.
  11. Place the index finger over the needle, withdraw the needle and massage the area gently.

Doses greater than 5000IU
If you have been prescribed more than 5000IU of Pregnyl for Ovulation Induction, follow steps 1 to 5 above, then;

If 10000IU of Pregnyl is prescribed, inject the prepared solution into another powder vial and then follow steps 5 to 11. (i.e. 2x powder vials dissolved in 1x liquid vial). You will have 1 x vial of liquid left over.

If 15000IU of Pregnyl is prescribed, inject the prepared solution into another 2x powder vials, in succession, and then follow steps 5 to 11. (i.e. 3x powder vials dissolved in 1x liquid vial). You will have 2 x vials of liquid left over.

Luteal Phase Support: Three or four repeat injections of Pregnyl are given within 9 days following ovulation, for example day 3, 5, 7 and 9 after ovulation induction.

Often the number of units to be injected will be less than 5000IU.
If, for example, 2500IU of Pregnyl are to be injected follow steps 1 to 5 above.
At this point expel the necessary volume of solution to give prescribed volume to be injected, for example if 2500IU is to be injected then expel 0.5ml leaving 0.5ml in the syringe.
Now follow steps 6 to 11.

Remember never expel the excess volume of solution using the yellow needle, as this will wet the needle leading to pain on injection. Always expel excess volumes before switching needles.

What is Pregnyl?

Pregnyl contains hCG, human chorionic gonadotrophin.
It is obtained from the urine of pregnant women.
HCG has Luteinising Hormone (LH) activity.

What is Pregnyl used for?

Pregnyl is used for either Ovulation Induction and/or for Luteal Phase Support.

Ovulation Induction - A natural LH surge stimulates a follicle to release an egg. This is known as ovulation. Administration of Pregnyl augments the natural LH surge.

Luteal Phase Support - After ovulation the follicle transforms into the corpus luteum, where the Follicular Phase of the cycle moves to the Luteal Phase.
During the Luteal Phase Pregnyl helps to maintain the corpus luteum, which in turn maintains necessary progesterone levels.

What Side Effects may I experience with Pregnyl?

Side effects may include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, tiredness, headache and injection site reactions

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