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June 28, 2016
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Fertil F Phase 2 (3 Month Multipack)


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The original Fertil F product has been replaced by Fertil F Phase 1 & Fertil F Phase 2. Fertil F Phase 2 most closely resembles the original Fertil F. Please see detailed information below.



The key ingredients and dosages of both products are highly beneficial throughout the three phases of preconception, pregnancy until the end of lactation. Either product is therefore appropriate and beneficial over the entire time.

For specific reasons, we recommend taking amitamin® fertil f phase 1 during preconception and until the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. We recommend switching to amitamin® fertil F phase 2 around the 12th week of your pregnancy.

If, however, you want to take Omega 3’s (DHA & EPA)  from preconception on, you can start taking amitamin® fertil f phase 2 as soon as you start trying to conceive.


amitamin® fertil F phase 1 is optimal during preconception and early pregnancy.

Reasons why you should take amitamin® fertil F phase 1 as preconception vitamins and during early pregnancy:

  1. Just one capsule a day – and still the optimal dosage of bioactive folate Quatrefolic® plus folic acid. A total of 21 micronutrients in an easy-to-take blend, developed for women in their preconceptional phase. A very simple intake, yet extensive formula with balanced dosage.
  2. 800 µg total folate (Quatrefolic® and folic acid) are optimal to ensure a healthy folate level in the blood. Studies show that it usually takes too long to reach adequate folate levels in the body when you only take 400µg a day. A healthy folate level is especially important during the very first weeks of pregnancy. When you start taking a folate supplement once you know you are pregnant, it´s already too late: the risk of neural tube defects in the unborn can only be managed when folate levels are high during week 2 to 4. At that time women don´t even realize that they are pregnant. Therefore you should start taking a folate supplement right when you discontinue contraception.
  3. The nutritional requirements during preconception and early pregnancy are not as high as during second and third trimester and lactation. This applies for all micronutrients, except for folate. This is why we managed to put all important vitamins, trace elements and minerals calcium and magnesium in just 1 capsule a day.
  4. The special characteristics of the essential omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA are not that important during preconception and first weeks of pregnancy. amitamin® phase 1 also matches the requirements of a strict vegan diet.


Why amitamin® fertil F phase 2 is optimal from 13th week on.

These are the reasons for switching to amitamin® fertil F phase 2 around week 12:

  1. Nutritional requirements are changing and increasing. Therefore amitamin® fertile f phase 2 has higher dosages of many micro nutrients.
  2. 600 µg total folate (Quatrefolic® and folic acid) is the right amount to maintain a good folate level.
  3. Essential omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA are very important now. DHA (taken at least 200 mg a day) contribute to healthy development of brain and eyes of the unborn, if taken from week 13 onwards.



What if want to start taking omega-3 DHA and EPA before pregnancy?

amitamin® fertil F phase 2 then should be your choice from pre-conception on. Start taking it as early as you can, to build up good folate level in your blood. The total amount of folate is 25% lower than in phase 1, but still 600 µg total folate from bioactive Quatrefolic® and folic acid.