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Omega 3 Ultra Capsules (60)

Lamberts Omega 3 Ultra Capsules (60)


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The benefits of omega 3s are well documented. Research has shown that Omegas 3’s plays an important part in maintaining our health and wellbeing and this is why fish oil supplements are regularly recommended by practitioners.

Omega 3 ultra provides 1040mg of omega 3 fatty acids per capsule, which includes 715mg of EPA and 286mg of DHA.

The 5-stage purification process undergone by the fish oil makes sure that there is no compromise on quality. The capsule shell is saturated with natural sweet orange oil to give a pleasant taste.

  • A concentrated fish oil
  • Provides 1040mg omega 3 fatty acids per capsule
  • One of the strongest on the market
  • Undergoes a 5-stage purification process
  • Capsule shell is saturated with natural sweet orange oil
  • Protected from oxidation by the addition of natural vitamin E