GG 09.2020

You are truly great in customer service.

FOC 07.2020

Thank you so much Serena for the great service!

B.O'H. 05.2020

Honestly best pharmacy i ever dealt with. Thanks and hope you all keep safe.

P.M. 06.2020

10/10. No changes,its just perfect.

J.M. 06.2020

I find service great, very professional and staff are very friendly. Thanks for everything.Delivery a life saver and orders have been perfect.

MW 08.2020

I have to say, the customer service in your pharmacy, whether online or in store is second to none. Ye are brilliant and i wanted to say thanks.

AT 02.20

Excellent service.

BMcC 01.20

I honestly cant think of any improvements.

M.K. 11.2019

Best pharmacy in Galway!

JB 09.19

Excellent service overall. Very friendly and helpful staff.

SD 09.19

Thanks for your time. I would gladly recommend your pharmacy.


I have no complaints. Brilliant service.

SH 07.19

Merlin Pharmacy have been excellent when dealing with my requests.  

AMT 06.19

I have been so impressed. Life was made so easy with advise and support.

FB 05.2019

Thank you all so much for the great service you provide.

DE 04.2019

Very efficient and knowledgeable staff.

DOM 03.2019

Couldn't rate any higher. Excellent service.

BOH 02.2019

very efficient service always. A pleasure to visit.

JD 11.2018

i was very impressed the way our recent query and order was dealt with. Compliments to Roisin.

PA 11.2018

I couldn't fault the service, very professional and helpful at all times. Excellent service.

LD 09.2018

I cannot fault anything. Extremely good, extremely prompt and professional service. A pleasure to deal with.

MK 08.2018

Its a pleasure dealing with Merlin Pharmacy. The staff are excellent to deal with.

BOH 06-2018

Very efficient, knowledgeable and above all very friendly staff.

ZL 05.2018

Professional excellent service. All staff are helpful & efficient.

EB 04.2018

Service is excellent. Thank You.

TS 03.2018

The service you provide is excellent, prompt and friendly service with a smile.

CT 02.2018

Extremely professional, efficient, very compassionate and caring service.

CP 02.2018

Everything is perfect.

AS 01.2018

Service is excellent.

TC 12.2017

Thanks for the great service.

JK 12.2017

Thanks for being so easy to deal with and the very quick turnaround.

NOS 11.2017

Many thanks for all of your kind attention. Much appreciated.

NM 11.2017

Thank you for all your assistance.

MW 10.2017

I am very happy with the service. The staff are always so helpful and friendly.

BM 09.2017

All staff are very professional & very friendly.

NS 09.2017

All staff I have dealt with are very friendly & helpful.

SC 08.2017

I could not ask for a more professional, friendly, or knowledgeable service. Fantastic company.

CK 08.2017

The staff are so friendly and helpful.

LH 07.2017

Thanks for always being so helpful anytime I ring.

KD 07.2017

You are an amazing pharmacy.

PL 06.2017

Service is great & there is never a problem.

SB 06.2017

Discrete professional Service.

MR 06.2017

Your Pharmacy is so efficient in its business & customer relations. It's a great service, well done.

PL 04.2017

Service is great and there is never a problem.

MW 04.2017

Very happy with service. Staff are always so helpful. The reason I always return.

VC 03.2017

Please don't change anything. You are perfect. Pleasant communications.

SOB 03.2017

Service is wonderful at your Pharmacy.

MW 01.2017

Extremely high level of service. Cannot rate your staff highly enough.  

FC 01.2017

I couldn't rate you higher. Thank you very much.

SC 01.2017

Very helpful and accommodating.

AS 01.2017

Thanks for all your advice and help.

BG 12.2016

Thanks for your kind service.

LMcG 11.2016

Thanks so much for all the help and being so willing. I have to say ye are a great pharmacy.

PM 11.2016

I really appreciate your e-mail and thank you. Ye are such a tremendous help to us all.

RC 11.2016

Thanks very much for all ye do. It is very much appreciated.

LC 11.2016

Excellent service, super efficient and responsive. You should be very proud of yourselves.

MK 10.2016

Ye are amazing in everything you do.

AM 09.2016

Staff are fantastic. Very helpful.

MB 09.2016

Sincere thanks for all your help with my prescription.

LB 08.2016

Everyone is very efficient and very helpful over the phone and through e-mails, 10 out of 10, great work.

RH 07.2016

I really appreciate all your help. You went to a lot of trouble.

BOH 07.2016

You are all so helpful and the staff are so friendly.

CK 07.2016

The staff are so friendly and helpful.  

GM 06.2016

Staff are brilliant.  

PL 06.2016

The staff are excellent, friendly and store has good offers. Feel like the store works to the customers needs.  

PSOL 05.2016

Many thanks for continued great service.  

SR 03.2016

This is a lovely pharmacy. Ye always have great offers.  

DK 03.2016

Everyone there is very lovely. Ye are great. Thanks very much.  

BB 02.2016

Very fast, very efficient. Thanks very much for your service.  

MF 12.2015

Ye always have the place looking so well with nothing ever out of place.  

PB 11.2015

We constantly receive so many positive comments from anyone who deals with you. Very much appreciated.  

POB 10.2015

I always love the service in this pharmacy.  

CSE 09.2015

The staff gave a very strong impression of care. Excellent staff service standards.  

KD 08.2015

Merlin Pharmacy is definitely one of the best pharmacy’s I have ever dealt with. So helpful and very friendly.